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Recent work:

Oscillator Pond – an interactive sound installation staged in the Greenhouse of the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society building. Part of Atmospheres (Earth, Itself 2016) – a conference at Brown University.

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East of Borneo
is an electro-acoustic trio dedicated to spontaneous improvisation and explorations of sonic texture and rhythm.  Albums “Scrunch” and “Larkspur Sessions” available at the Free Music Archive FMA .
Michael DeQuattro
John Robert Ferguson
Lyn Goeringer
Jim Moses

What You See: Electronic dance score for Fusionworks dance company. Produced/performed/composed with Michael DeQuattro. 2015.


“I recall when I was young, fresh from the factory, and could hear the critters in the wee hours…
The critters that populate Arp Pond were all made on an Arp 2500 analog synthesizer…”
Miniature version derived from audio installation work presented a SEAMUS conference 2013 and at Brown University.

Passing Landscapes

A sonic/musical impression of a passing day reflecting on the omnipresence of machines in our lives (and in our acoustic environments) and the contrast between the serene and the intense. The work blends surround-sound environmental recordings, fragments from of our media landscape and electro-acoustic compositional techniques. There are three movements – ‘waking’, ‘drive-time’ and ‘drifting’.
 Presented at the International Computer Music Conference 2009 (ICMC), Pixilerations 2007, Acoustical Society of America Conference 2006. (Contact me about getting a multichannel version)

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Westminster Street

A soundscape composition dealing with modern urban environments and the tempo of contemporary life. The work is designed for surround sound playback, posted here is an mp3 stereo (binaural) version (Contact me about getting a multichannel version).The piece uses environmental recordings of Westminster Street in downtown Providence (traffic, church bells, bicycles, conversation..) juxtaposed against fragmented samples from jazz records imitating city noise. A variety of cross-synthesis and re-synthesis techniques, and tempo manipulations are used to combine these sonic elements and create an original soundscape.
Premiered at Pixilerations in Providence, RI in October 2010 and is being presented at the SEAMUS national conference, January 2011.