The Recording Studio as Compositional Tool (Brown University – Music 1200)

A study of advanced studio techniques taught in parallel with topics in psychoacoustics. Students will create original studio work while developing listening and technical skills for audio production. Topics include recording, signal processing and mixing software, microphone technique, and live sound engineering.

Sound Design (Brown University – Music 1250)

This production seminar is a study of techniques and aesthetics used to create sonic environments and effects that enhance a variety of media including video, radio and audio art, new media, theater, and installation art. Topics include audio production in multi-channel surround sound formats, advanced audio editing, mixing and synthesis techniques, and audio system design.

Advanced Studio Composition (Brown University – Music 1260)

A composition and production seminar designed to develop and reinforce technical skills, musical concepts, and critical listening abilities used in music production. Discussion topics include sound synthesis and manipulation, spatialization, and recording techniques. Through the production of original work and focused study, students will expand their knowledge and craft, and will provide each other with a forum for exploring their creative studio work.

Independent Study Projects (Brown University – Music 1970)

Provide supervision and mentoring to advanced students working on music technology and music production projects

Introduction to Music Production (Brown University – Summer at Brown)

A hands-on study of recording studio and digital workstation techniques and aesthetics. Students create original studio work while developing listening and technical skills. Topics include digital and analog audio technology, acoustics, microphone technique, signal processing and mixing using professional audio/music creation software.